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Water therapy enriched with hydrogen, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.

H2 InFuse tablets

Mineral tablets releasing molecular hydrogen

Used unique patented technology

Baths in water enriched by molecular hydrogen are suitable for daily skin care. They improve the natural skin barrier and promote skin hydration and regeneration. They are effective at reducing wrinkles, cleaning skin, repairing sun-damaged skin, and improving the condition of skin affected by acne or psoriasis.

no artificial colors or flavors

suitable for diabetics

gluten free

GMO free

lactose free

preservative free

sugar free

suitable for vegans


Why Molecular Hydrogen?®

Molecular Hydrogen® is the smallest molecule in the universe. It is extremely small in size and highly soluble in lipids; this allows it to easily penetrate into the sub-cellular parts of mitochondria (engine room of the biologic system cells) and other locations throughout the body.

Doc. PhDr. Michal Botek, Ph.D.

Palacký University in Olomouc Molecular hydrogen never ceases to fascinate me by its universality and extraordinary effects, appreciated by professional sportsmen as well as chronically ill people. I am certain that molecular hydrogen has not yet revealed all its secrets to us.

improvement of the natural skin barrier

skin regeneration

wrinkle reduction

skin hydration

skin cleaning

Made in the Czech Republic on the basis of long-term research carried out by an international team and in cooperation with experts, scientists, and physicians.
Use of the technology is protected by patents No. US 8,852,660 B2 and US 9,144,581 B2.

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