Established in 2017, the H2 World Health & Beauty Company s.r.o. is a member of the H2 Global Group s.r.o., which is a world leader and pioneer in the field of hydrogen technologies for health care, spa industry, wellness and beauty, agriculture, and animal breeding. The H2 Global Group benefits from the long-time experience of its subsidiaries specialised in these key fields.

The H2 Global Group was established by Mr. David Maršálek in 2021 to become a parent company controlling all activities of the group, including the distribution companies H2 World Health & Beauty Company in Great Britain, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

The main activities of H2 World Health & Beauty Company s.r.o. are the distribution and sale of timeless, modern, and innovative products based on Molecular Hydrogen®.

These products of patented technologies have been developed in exclusive cooperation with experts on the manufacture of molecular hydrogen products in H2 Pharm s.r.o. and H2 Technology s.r.o. The experience and knowledge of these cooperating experts supports the quality guarantee that our company is able to provide. All our products and services are exported all over the world and improve the lives of people and the environment.

Deepening knowledge in the field of Molecular Hydrogen®

In addition to its business activities, H2 World Health & Beauty Company s.r.o. also aims to deepen knowledge in the field of Molecular Hydrogen®, and raise awareness of the health benefits and positive effects of Molecular Hydrogen®.

In cooperation with the European Institute for Molecular Hydrogen Therapy and other global institutions and universities, the company works on raising awareness of the benefits of molecular hydrogen by organising international conferences and by other activities.

The international expert team is composed of experts from various countries with many years of experience and knowledge in the field of hydrogen therapy.

H2 World Health & Beauty Company s.r.o.
is firmly built on these five basic pillars






David Maršálek

David Maršálek graduated from Dublin Business School – Managament & Marketing in Dublin, Ireland, and has been active in international trade for more than 15 years.

Since 2011 he has been working with Molecular Hydrogen® in the field of cosmetics and dietary supplements. He cooperates with international experts who have been working in Molecular Hydrogen® for many years.

His focus on detail and the best results, as well as his sustained pursuit of an innovative approach in combination with a sincere desire to help and listen to people, are the prerequisites for his success.


David Maršálek
of the company
Květoslav Chytil
Vice president
Aleš Valenta
Vice president
PR a marketing
Ing. Pavel Vašek
Vice president
výzkum, vývoj a inovace
JUDr. Radim Kubica, MBA
Vice president
právního oddělení
Prof. Shigeo Ohta, Ph.D.
Vice president
výzkum, vývoj a vzdělávání
PharmDr. Milan Krajíček
Vice president
výzkum, vývoj a výroba
MUDr. Josef Peták
Vice president
lázeňství a balneo
MUDr. Lubomír Beran
Vice president
MUDr. Pavel Malovič
Vice president