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What is molecular hydrogen?

Molecular hydrogen is a tasteless and odorless gas. It is the simplest molecule in the world. It is so small that it easily penetrates the body, all tissues and cells, through various barriers even to the cell nucleus. It is a selective antioxidant, as well as the strongest, and it reacts only with harmful radicals. Its anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects have been proven.

What can molecular hydrogen do?

H2 acts as a regulatory factor in the body; it is able to intervene in various biochemical reactions and re-establish the balance disturbed by various stresses, which is a cause of health problems.

Is it a natural product?

H2 is a natural product. Plants are able to produce H2 using enzymes. In our body, H2 is produced by bacteria in the digestive tract.

Does it have any side effects?

No adverse or toxic effects of H2 have been reported so far. Only manifestations associated with the “cleansing” of the organism, such as a more frequent urge to urinate or flatulence, may be considered side effects.

Does it really work? Is this not simply another advertising trend?

The positive effects of H2 have been studied by many experts around the world for almost ten years. Its positive effects on the human organism has led to H2 being increasingly used not only for medical treatment and regeneration but also in cosmetics as well as the veterinary and agricultural fields.

What is the content of the active substance?

The main active substance of each of our products is H2, which enhances the effect of other substances. The H2 content in various product differs and is designed to be as high as possible, depending on the production process.

Why is it used in the form of tablets?

Tablets are a convenient way for many people to take H2. It is a simple and easily accessible form.

Can I swallow a dental tablet, is it not dangerous?

All ingredients of dental tablets are edible, so if you swallow the tablet, it does not constitute a danger. However, chewing brings you a better effect of H2.

What is the dosage?

The recommended use is stated on the product packaging. However, its use may be individually adjusted, depending on what you want to achieve by taking H2, whether prevention, health maintenance, regeneration, or intensive support of your treatment.

May children also use it?

H2 may also be used by children, it is safe for them. The particular recommendations for each of the food supplements are stated on their packaging.

How long can I use the products?

It is advisable to use the products as long as the problems persist, but they can also be used preventively.

Won’t H2 explode inside me?

H2 dissolved in water or contained in the body is not explosive.

How long does it take to start to feel the effects of H2 in the body?

The required duration of use depends on the product type and the seriousness or duration of the particular problems.

How does H2 contribute to the regeneration of the organism?

How quickly H2 works depends on the degree of the body imbalance. Balance is established first, followed by regeneration. In the event of a one-time or short-term strain, the effect is very quick, but if the problems have lasted long, the body needs time to regenerate. It also depends on a suitable product choice or combination.

Can I take H2 in combination with other medications?

Yes, our H2 products may be combined with other dietary supplements and medications.

Are the products gluten-free?

Yes, H2 products are gluten-free.

What is the cause of a possible feeling of bloating?

When using H2 Forte, you may experience flatulence at first, but with regular use, digestion is adjusted. Flatulence is caused by fermentation in the intestine, which is a natural process.

What is the difference between H2 Forte and Real H2?

Above all, they differ in the quantity of released molecular hydrogen. H2 Forte tablets are a dietary supplement designed for the gradual release of molecular hydrogen in the intestine in the result of bacterial decomposition (fermentation) of saccharides (mannitol and trehalose) and curcumin. Fermentation takes place naturally in the intestine and reflects a healthy intestinal microbiota. One tablet is able to produce up to 10 ppm of H2. Real H2 tablets are a dietary supplement containing molecular hydrogen, which is gradually released in the digestive tract. One tablet releases 1 ppm of H2, i.e. a smaller amount.

Where are the products containing H2 made?

In our certified production plants.

Are H2 tablets better than water with molecular hydrogen?

The use of each of the products is individual. It depends on your preferred form of use and on the kind of health problems. The use of tablets is easy and you can keep them with you at any time.

How does H2 inhalation work?

H2 inhalation is completely safe for the body, and H2 taken into the body does not constitute a danger. When using the inhaler safely (sufficiently ventilated room, no smoking, and no open flame), the inhalation process is also safe. No cases of damage in H2 inhalations have been reported so far. We offer only inhalers that produce H2 at lower flow rates and are safe and effective to use.

What studies confirm the positive effects of H2?

There are many studies examining the positive effects of H2. Links to the studies are available here:,

Which clinics/spas/sportsmen use H2 products?

We have been cooperating with a number of facilities and experts. Our services and products have been used e.g. by Teplice nad Bečvou Spa, Sanatorium of Dr. Peták in Františkovy Lázně, The Excelsior Mountain Hotel in Horní Lomná, SPA Aphrodite Rajecké Teplice, football players of the Frýdek-Místek Town Football Club, and many other satisfied customers.

Why is molecular hydrogen not listed in the composition of H2 Forte?

Because the composition of H2 Forte is specially designed to naturally promote the production of molecular hydrogen in the body.

Is curcumin also suitable for people with heart problems?

Yes, it is. Curcumin strengthens the inner mucosal lining of blood vessels and the heart action; polyphenol as an antioxidant prevents inflammation and strengthens the function of endothelium – inner lining of blood vessels.